Bay’s Leap‘s first CD, Swans over Dorking, will be released on the citystream label on 1st August 2016. It will be distributed via CDBaby and other web sites.

baysleap_largePraise for Swans over Dorking:
“I can only recommend this wonderful album to all true music connoisseurs, regardless of their default musical inclinations. This music is able to penetrate the barriers of unfamiliarity and outlandishness by sheer power of its beauty and unadulterated ingenuity.” – Review by Adam Baruch

“As the introduction by Veryan Weston suggests, the trio adopts an “integrated sound throughout” & forges a style of improvised “classical” chamber music. The result is rather more lyrical & lush than music I’ve typically mentioned here, but it’s impressive as improvisation, mostly evoking the kind of post- or neo-Romantic styles of the twentieth century English symphonists, with a dreamy quality sometimes yielding to a disconcerting sense of alarm (whether Schubertian or Faustian), some pointillism à la Brahms, or even a bit of dodecaphony. ” – Review at  ‘Todd MacComb’s Jazz Thoughts

Swans over Dorking is amazingly musical and skilfully played with lots of ideas that refer back to many areas and histories of music. There is a very contemporary feel to it, a trend where modernism is occasionally allowed in but only as a fractional part of a much wider approach. Inside the ‘classical dimension’ of the music there seem to be references to composers, some of whom later rejected modernism.” – liner notes by Veryan Weston, pianist

“From the spare, economical treatment of the opening track, ‘Fading Light’,  through to the last track with its lovely sense of mood, colour and line, Bay’s Leap display great fluidity, freedom, rhythmic energy and variety. The title track, ‘Swans over Dorking’, which culminates with a Kurt Weillish tune that enters – or rather floats onto the scene, swan-like, leading to a beautiful lament fluttering on the waves. This is an improvising trio that really gels.”Douglas Finch, composer and pianist.

“I enjoyed the Bay’s Leap CD very much: I really liked the effortless melodic invention. the sometimes crystalline open textures from the piano, and great intensively responsive playing all around!” – David Ryan, visual artist & contemporary musician.

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